All children at iPLANETS ACADEMY must have these items DAILY.  The Children will go outside daily unless extreme weather conditions exist, so it’s important that each child is dressed according to the weather.

No child will be allowed to come without having their proper items to participate in daily activities.

Failure to maintain necessary items may result in being reported for neglect or termination or enrollment:

  • Every child will need 2 pairs of socks at any given time. All socks need to be clearly labeled with your child's name on each individual sock. All socks need to be inside of a Ziploc bag for accessibility and to try and keep them all together. Check daily to ensure your child has the correct amount of socks at all times.

  • Each parent shall provide hand sanitizer, first aid kit, baby wipes, Q-Tips, disposable gloves, and kleenex to be kept in their cubbies to be used as needed. 

  • Rainy gear (boots, umbrellas, parkas, etc) is to be kept in their cubbies at all times in case of unexpected weather changes. All must be solid black. 

  • We ask that you bring a covered toothbrush, toothpaste, flossers, mouth rinse, and small Dixie cups for them. Please put them in a labeled ziplock bag that is easy for them to access and store in their personal cubbies. iPLANETS ACADEMY believes that Dental Hygiene is VERY IMPORTANT for the overall well being of your child. It starts with nutritious meals, regular check-ups with the dentist, choosing age-appropriate effective apparatus for your child to brush their teeth with, and modeling good dental habits. We will encourage your child to brush their teeth after every meal and after rest times.

  • All children must purchase and keep on hand a water bottle so the children can consume water daily. The children may not share water bottles. Empty bottles should on a regular basis be recycled (if appropriate), discarded, or taken home for sanitized reuse. Water bottles may not contain flavored water or juice. To prevent spills on class work, please only send water bottles with a pop open top and not the twist open top. This should help keep our work space spill-free if a water bottle is accidentally bumped.

  • A complete uniform stored in their cubbies. ​All items need to be laundered every week or more often if needed.

In addition to the daily list all OVERNIGHT children shall have on hand at all times stored in their cubbies:

  • 2 Clean Dry Personal Wash Clothes (clearly labeled) 

  • 2 Hand towels to dry off (clearly labeled)

  • 2 Pairs of underwear and white Tees (clearly labeled)

  • 2 Comfortable pair of Pajamas. (clearly labeled) 

  • 1 Bottle of body wash

iPLANETS ACADEMY does not give full baths unless the child is extremely dirty, muddy, or for medical reasons. All children shall use their personal wash clothes and body wash to wipe themselves down. They will be encouraged to wipe as much of their bodies as they can. They will then change into their Pajamas in the privacy of the bathrooms.

Assistance will be given only when absolutely necessary and can not be ongoing. We require all children to be self-sufficient.

​If an overnight child is here for any portion of time before 7:30 PM then they shall be dropped off in Uniform and will change at the appropriate time. If your child is being dropped off after 7:30 PM or later we ask that you already bring them bathed and in their pajamas unless there is a nighttime event scheduled. They would still need the above supplies in their cubbies at all times just in case.


iPLANETS ACADEMY has a strict uniform dress code for all children. Uniform pieces that have prices can only be purchased through us in order to create a consistent and safe environment that is free of distractions.  You will find your order form within your admission packet. We believe that a higher standard of dress encourages greater respect for individuals, our children, and others.


It gives our children a sense of belonging and pride in themselves and the school and results in a higher standard of behavior. We have found that students learn best when given the freedom to focus their attention on academics and those aspects of character that are truly important.

In other words uniforms:

  • Help children excel academically 

  • Helps to lessen the impact of socioeconomic differences which subsequently reduces peer pressure and bullying.

  • Have been proven to minimize disruptive behavior and inspire appropriate behavior.

  • Promotes respect for oneself and others

  • Enhances school pride, unity, and community spirit.

  • Helps us to easily to identify the children while on field trips

  • Uniforms can make life easier for parents

  • Can save parents money. 

  • School uniforms make getting ready for school easier, which can improve punctuality

  • Helps to keep the children focused on their education, not their clothes.  


 Our children are expected to dress in a neat, respectful fashion. Each uniform is to be clean, ironed, properly fitted (to avoid ANY sagging or sloppy appearance), and not too tight but suitable for the learning environment reflecting pride in themselves and in iPLANETS ACADEMY.

All uniforms must be worn without tears, rips, not faded or cutting of hems. Pants are worn at the waist and they must wear a belt at all times. Shirts must be tucked in appropriately. Hoodies will not be knotted around the waist. A complete uniform stored in their cubbies. ​All items need to be laundered every week or more often if needed.

No manufacturers’ logos of any kind are allowed. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure compliance with the Uniform dress code.

The uniform is worn every day unless otherwise specified.​  They are to be in full uniform when they enter until they leave for dismissal.

There is an eight (4) day grace period for new children to purchase their uniforms.


Although we do not discriminate against any religion. No child shall be given special treatment or consideration when it comes to the uniform policy. If a child can not wear the uniforms, iPLANETS ACADEMY is not the right fit for your family. Decisions about the suitability of an individual style are the responsibility of 

iPLANETS ACADEMY, whose decision will be final.

All uniforms are to be ordered through iPLANETS ACADEMY to ensure conformity. Ordering outside of iPLANETS ACADEMY may be deemed unacceptable if it's not the exact match as others. The only items that are to be purchased outside of iPLANETS ACADEMY are their shoes (the picture is for illustrative purposes only), undergarments, and additional hair accessories.

All those ordering extra uniforms after regular enrollment will be charged an additional shipping fee.  

"If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do well matters very much."

~Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis



When it's chilly or cold they can wear our Full-Zip Hoodie indoors ONLY. No other outerwear may be worn inside. Click on the picture below for more information: 

$60.00 Full Zip Hoodies



Chest: 14 Body: 17 Sleeve: 21


Chest: 16 Body: 19 1/2 Sleeve: 24 1/2



Chest: 17 Body: 22 Sleeve: 27 1/2


Chest: 18 Body: 24 Sleeve: 30 1/2


Chest: 20 Body: 25 1/2 Sleeve: 32 1/2

iPlanets Academy Full Zip Hoodie Jacket


Girls Pom Pom Knit Cap

These are the ONLY caps our girls are allowed to wear. 

iPlanets Academy Girls Pom Pom Knit Cap


Boys Beanie Cap

These are the ONLY caps our boys are allowed to wear. 

iPlanets Academy Boys Beanie Cap

Be mindful of when it's rainy weather, icy weather, etc. They can only wear rain boots that are SOLID Black ONLY. Please bring a trash bag with you so you can store their rainy weather umbrellas, and rain boots inside the trash bag and place them inside of their cubby so it doesn't ruin their other things.

All jackets, scarves, or gloves, etc. must be stored in their cubbies.  We allow for SOLID black ONLY.


The temperature will be kept at a comfortable temperature year-round.

Please note:

  • All accidents or soiled clothing will consist of them simply removing the clothing, placing it in a plastic bag, and sending it home. At no time will any clothing be rinsed out. This is to prevent any contamination or the spread of germs.

  • iPLANETS ACADEMY shall not be responsible for any damages done to any of the children's Uniforms.

  • iPLANETS ACADEMY will not be responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items. 

  • iPLANETS ACADEMY will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of glasses. 

  • No money, electronics, or toys should be brought unless requested or permission is given. 

  • No jewelry is allowed except emergency medical bracelets and small stud or post earrings to be worn by males and females. iPLANETS ACADEMY is not responsible for the loss of or damage of any jewelry.

  • Drawstrings present a major safety hazard for children.  The cord can become caught while a child is climbing, sliding, or engaged in other active play and result in choking or another serious injury.  Therefore we do not allow strings around a child's neck or person. 

Below are some etsy sellers who offer our uniform patterns for sale. We are not affiliated with them.

Click on the pictures to take you to their personal site to buy them. 

Purple, White & Black Plaid Bow Ponytail
Purple, White & Black Plaid Bow Headband
Purple, White & Black Plaid Loopy Hair B
Purple, White & Black Plaid Double Bow H
Purple, White & Black Plaid Rosette Hair
Purple, White & Black Plaid Rosette Head
iPlanets Academy Purple and Gold Headban
iPlanets Academy Purple, White & Black P
iPlanets Academy  Purple & Black Plaid F
iPlanets Academy Southern Size School Un
iPlanets Academy Purple, White, & Black
iPlanets Academy Purple, White, & Black

Girls barrettes, ribbons, hair bows, hair beads, and all hair accessories are allowed but must be BLACK, Dark Purple, or Yellow, GOLD (colored not plated) ONLY


Hair accessories must be plain solid or our plaid ONLY


Small flowers (2” or less) are allowed in the above approved colors ONLY. Headbands, etc. are permitted up to 2” in width in the above-approved colors ONLY.


Nothing outrageous or long enough that it can mistakenly get caught around their neck. Those with extremely long hair need to have it pulled back into a ponytail, braided up, or put up to prevent this from happening.


iPLANETS ACADEMY is not responsible for the loss of any hair accessories.


Backpacks must be SOLID Black or Space-Inspired (Have Stars, Moons, Planets, Celestial, Star Wars, Rockets, Aliens, Spaceships, Etc.) ONLY. No other characters, logos, pictures, patterns, name brands, lettering, or additional colors are allowed. A small manufacturer’s label or our logo is allowed.   


Classic Black Backpack

iPlanets Academy Classic Backpack


Yellow Headphones

iPlanets Academy Headphones Yellow


Purple Headphones

iPlanets Academy Headphones Purple


Purple Headphones

iPlanets Academy Purple, White & Black P


 iPLANETS ACADEMYrecognizes the legal gender status on a person's birth certificate only. All those listed as males will wear the uniforms that are below, NO EXCEPTIONS. All children will need at least two uniforms so one full set can be kept at iPLANETS ACADEMY AT ALL TIMES. 

Undergarments may not be visible at any time. The length of articles of clothing shall be no shorter than three inches above the top of the knee when sitting. Absolutely no baggy or sagging clothes. 


Short Sleeve Oxford Shirt

iPlanets Academy Short Sleeve Oxford


 Long-Sleeve Oxford Shirt

iPlanets Academy Long-Sleeve Oxford


Unisex V-Neck Sweater Vest

iPlanets Academy V-Neck Sweater Vest


Pre-Tied Plaid Necktie

iPlanets Academy Pre-Tied Plaid Necktie

All Shorts must be Solid Black, Flat Front ONLY with belt loops, and worn with a belt. 


Flat-Front Short with Adjustable Waist

iPlanets Academy Flat Front Shorts

All Pants must be Solid Black, Flat Front ONLY with belt loops, and worn with a belt. 


Chino Pants

iPlanets Academy Chino Pants

Belts are required for shorts and pants. Solid black belts ONLY including the buckle. No decorative or shiny belt buckles are allowed. It must be buckled at all times. No part of the belt can be hanging at any time. May not be more than one (1) size larger than the waist.


Black Flip Top Buckle with Canvas Belt  

Uniform Black Flip Top Buckle with Canva

 Socks are to be Solid Black ONLY

Black and White Saddle Shoes ONLY with clean white laces. Soles must either be black, dark brown, or rust color ONLY.



3-pack of Socks 

iPlanets Academy Socks 3-Pack


Dress Socks (3-Pack)

iPlanets Academy Dress Socks 3-Pack

Black and White Saddle Shoes ONLY with clean white laces. Soles must either be dark brown, or rust color ONLY

Shoes are purchased separately. 

iPlanets Academy Saddle Shoes


iPLANETS ACADEMY recognizes the legal gender status on a person's birth certificate only. All those listed as females will wear the uniforms that are below, NO EXCEPTIONS.


Click pics for more information on items such as available sizes and care. All children will need at least two uniforms. One full set will be kept at iPLANETS ACADEMY AT ALL TIMES


Short-Sleeve Peter Pan Blouse

iPlanets Academy Short Sleeve Peter Pan


Long Sleeve Peter Pan Blouse

iPlanets Academy Long Sleeve Peter Pan B


2 Button Rifle Jumper

iPlanets Academy 2 button Rifle Jumper


Pleated Slit Neck Jumper

iPlanets Academy Girls Pleated Slit Neck


Drop Waist Jumper

iPlanets Academy Purple and Gold Jumpers


Rifle Skort

iPlanets Academy Skort


Rifle 4-pleat Skirt

iPlanets Academy Rifle 4-Pleat Skirt


Uniform Knife Pleat Skirt. Must wear the Unisex V-Neck Sweater Vest when wearing skirts.

iPlanets Academy Purple and Gold Skirts


Adjustable Waist Kick Pleat Plaid Skirt. Must wear the Unisex V-Neck Sweater Vest when wearing skirts.

iPlanets Academy Knife Pleat Skirt


Plaid Cross Tie With Adjust Neck Strap

iPlanets Academy Plaid Cross Tie With Ad

Solid Black Hosiery only (No Opaque Allowed). Knee-Hi or Tights ONLY. Below is the ONLY hosiery we allow, NO EXCEPTIONS!


Ribbed Knee Hi Socks

iPlanets Academy Ribbed Knee Hi Socks


Acrylic Knee Hi Socks

iPlanets Academy Acrylic Knee Hi Socks


Heavyweight Tights

iPlanets Academy Heavyweight Tights


Cotton Spandex Tights

iPlanets Academy Cotton Spandex Tights


Knit Leggings

iPlanets Academy Leggings

Black and White Saddle Shoes ONLY with clean white laces. Soles must either be dark brown, or rust color ONLY

Shoes are purchased separately. 

iPlanets Academy Saddle Shoes for Girls.
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