There will be an 8 day trial period to ensure both parties are happy. Within this period either the family or iPLANETS ACADEMY may decide it will not work for any reason with only 4 hours notice.


At the end of this trial period, we may or the parent may request to have a sit-down discussion. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Once BOTH parties have agreed all Rules are FIRM and expected to be followed. 

We welcome all parents to participate in our monthly



These are conducted through Facebook chat, and they run on:

1/10, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 5/5, 6/6

 7/7, 8/8, 9/9,10/10, 11/11, and 12/12.

They are scheduled to last 30 minutes or less depending on the parent's feedback and level of participation.

If the session starts on time, and there are no parents online and 15 minutes have passed iPLANETS ACADEMY reserves the right to cancel the Meeting for that day.

Come share with us your comments, suggestions, meet other parents, ask questions or share information, etc. 

You are also required to join our Facebook Business page by 

GO HERE and like it. 


Then befriend Mrs. Mimi on her personal page by GO HERE.


All communication is conducted through our Facebook messenger. 

GO HERE to connect with us. 

It is every parent or guardian's responsibility to keep up with all activities and events your child is participating in. All parents must allow tagging ability because you may or may not be tagged for events, pictures, and videos. Any child not prepared to attend scheduled events will not be able to stay on that day.



Chat with us easily through Facebook Messenger
Keep abreast of our scheduled events

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born."

~Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh


All of our parents and/or grandparents or guardians are required to volunteer two hours every 28 days. We call this POSH (Parents On-Site Hours) or GOSH (Grandmothers/Guardians On-Site Hours).

All must get CPR certified and All must submit to a background check. This MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE your child can enroll. 

You can take that course online by GO HERE or you may take it at an hospital, or American Red Cross as long as it is CPR for children. Once you have completed the course submit a copy of your certificate with your enrollment packet. 

You may be asked to take a drugs test in the future; refusal will be sufficient grounds for termination of of your enrollment.


All grandmothers or guardians you wish to use for your GOSH must also do the same BEFORE they will be allowed to volunteer. This is for the safety of all children including your own.


These records will be kept locked up and confidential unless the authorities or Dept of Education ask to access them. These records will remain on file with us for 1 year following your child no longer being with us and then they will be shredded.

We encourage parents to share their interests and talents with all our children.  Other ways you can do POSH/GOSH is attending field trips, doing craft projects, cooking snacks, helping with homework or tutoring, etc. You can also do beautification such as; raking leaves, sanitizing toys,  vacuuming, loading the dishwasher, cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning outdoor toys, etc.

​When doing POSH/GOSH we ask that you be on time, dependable, flexible, and stay for the duration of the two hours in order for it to be counted. You must be patient and loving towards the children, must be willing to abide by the rules, and must be well-versed in safety and fire safety. 

iPLANETS ACADEMY reserves the right to deny or refuse to allow someone to do POSH/GOSH that we feel is not acting in the best interest of the children or their safety, not following or enforcing the guidelines we set, or not representing iPLANETS ACADEMY favorably. If this becomes the case we may determine that person will not be allowed back on the iPLANETS ACADEMY premises.

iPLANETS ACADEMY understands

we are not a good fit for every family. But for iPLANETS ACADEMY to be successful each family has to be committed to creating an enriching, safe, fun, and learning environment for our children.


Parental involvement helps our children to grow in mind, body, spirit and to be nurtured with love, acceptance, and kindness. Time spent over your two hours will not roll over or credit into the next 28 days so please plan accordingly. 

Other children are not allowed to come along with you when you are doing POSH or GOSH, this is for their own safety. Thanks for your understanding. 



Please understand that visiting for events and activities is different from volunteering and IS NOT considered POSH/GOSH. 

POSH/GOSH takes active participation, prior planning, and scheduling of your volunteer time. 

We understand that things may arise but we ask that you do not schedule POSH/GOSH unless you are pretty certain you can follow through. It is unsettling for the children to get all excited about you coming only to be disappointed. 

You are not allowed to do the following while doing POSH or GOSH.

Some infractions may lead to IMMEDIATE termination of your child enrollment or possible prosecution:

  • Answer the front door or let anyone in. Leave the doors unsecured. 

  • Answer the phones without permission.

  • Be abusive in any way towards a child or others including verbally or in front of the children. 

  • Answer any questions on behalf of iPLANETS ACADEMY.

  • Use or operate the computer or printer without expressed permission. 

  • Be in a restroom or room alone with any child. Also, do not assist with their clothing. All our children must be self-sufficient. If they request your help let Mrs. Mimi know BEFORE you assist them. 

  • Share information about any child with anyone. Direct all people or questions to iPLANETS ACADEMY

  • Leave children unattended to that you have been assigned to and are responsible for. Please make sure to give the children your FULL attention especially when we are at water activities. 

  • Exclude or separate one child from the rest of the children unless they are sick.

  • In order to ensure the safety of the children, we ask that you DO NOT use your cell phone when doing POSH/GOSH for iPLANETS ACADEMY (this includes texting, surfing, calling, etc. ) unless you need to call someone from iPLANETS ACADEMY (such as to make a request to use the restroom or leave your post) Thanks for understanding how important your attentiveness is. 

  • Be under the influence of any narcotic, alcohol, or volunteer while impaired.  It's not allowed within eyesight of any child or staff including in your vehicle, on the playground, or while on Educational Field Trips. 

  • Smoking is prohibited on or anywhere near iPLANETS ACADEMY. It's not allowed within eyesight of any child or staff including in your vehicle, on the playground, or while on Educational Field Trips. 

  • Show favoritism

  • Dress inappropriately

  • Use any racist or offensive slang or words. Spell any curse words or use them.

  • Coming while sick or with lice. 

  • Operate in an unsafe manner. SAFETY FIRST ALWAYS!



We do not issue written copies of the guidelines to parents. Everything is electronic and on this website available to you.  Please read carefully and access it as often as you would like to familiarize yourself with it. You are welcome to screenshot, save or print out any portion of our website.  All parents will be required to sign a form stating they have read and fully understood all guidelines.  Please ask questions if you don't understand something.


Leaving your child with a stranger can be a very daunting task. Initially, most children may be a little apprehensive about going with a strange person and to a strange place.​ iPLANETS ACADEMY will work with your child(ren) to help them overcome feelings of separation anxiety.  If a child is continuing to have separation problems, we will discuss the best course of action for you and your child and determine if we are a good fit for them. 

We ask that you try to help prepare your child for the changes as far in advance as possible. Discuss any concerns. Talk about the new people your child will meet and the new things your child will do. If you are enthusiastic, soon your child will be too.

During this period you might see crying or clinging especially if your child has not been apart from you before. Again, this is heart-wrenching but perfectly normal. Do not leave without telling your child goodbye and reassure them you will be returning. Brief goodbyes are easier for most children to handle than lingering on.

Please be very brief at pick up time as well. This is a time of testing when two different authority figures are present and all the children will test to see if the guidelines still apply. It is important that you back up the guidelines at this time. If your child is with you but observed not adhering to the guidelines they will be reminded of the guidelines, and we will take action to correct them. Children of all ages adjust to transition from one activity to another differently. Most do not like to be too rushed and most do not like to wait too long once they are ready to depart.

NO SHOES ALLOWED INSIDE OF iPLANETS ACADEMY. There is a green bucket for your convenience to store your shoes while on property. You can not walk barefoot but MUST WEAR socks, tights, ballet shoes, or slipper socks at all times while inside. 

Do not leave without making sure all of their belongings are put up in their assigned spot. Also, make sure they have all the belongings they need to function throughout the day. That list can be found HERE. No child should be dropped off without having the necessary items on the list.

Please do not leave your car unattended and please turn your car off before exiting your vehicle.

If a child is picked up early and is in the middle of a project or playing they will have to clean up their portion before they leave so plan accordingly.


Parents are welcome to pick up their children early if need be. But no child shall be picked up from the playground or leave straight from an educational field trip. All children must be signed in and out and picked up at iPLANETS ACADEMY.

Do not let children play in between, or walk-in between cars. Do not load or unload children while standing in the street. Load and unload from the curbside.



Please be mindful of other cars and possibly other children at all times! If you can not hold their hand and gather their belongings, then please take the belongings first to your car and then come back and retrieve your child. 

No car should be driving more than 5 miles an hour during arrivals and departures; this will help to avoid any accidents from occurring. We ask that you maintain that speed until you have passed four homes or start that speed at four homes BEFORE you arrive.

Please be mindful of your music levels when arriving and departing. We ask that you turn it off before exiting your car so as not to disturb the neighbors.

Parking space is very limited, so it is very important that you pick up and drop off quickly then proceed to leave the premises safely. Due to the possibility of several parents dropping off at the same time we ask that you do not pull into the driveway but park out front. This also helps with visibility because when exiting the premises you have the ability to see the front and back of your car. Please take the time to do a visual sweep of your entire car before getting in and driving off.

iPLANETS ACADEMY shall not be held responsible for any accidents or mishaps that occur. When it's between two parties then you agree to handle all situations between you and that party according to federal and local state laws.


An incident report may be taken and filed by iPLANETS ACADEMY from both parties for future reference. 

We care about the safety of your children! Please practice car seats, booster seats, or seat belts safety. Any children being transported in a way that violates the law may be reported and this can also lead to immediate termination of your child(ren) enrollment.

If you or any other person appears to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or incapable of driving safely we will call the emergency contact person listed on your “Emergency Contact list” to request their assistance. You may also have someone come and get you and your child.  

iPLANETS ACADEMY reserves the right to ask you and/or your child to not return if you refuse a ride and leave with your child, we will notify the police department and child protection services to inform them of this. Depending on how the situation unfolds and is handled by the parent or guardian for the first time it may lead to immediate termination of your child(ren) enrollment.




Open Door Policy does not mean the doors will be unlocked. For the safety and protection of the children, external doors will be kept locked at all times. 

iPLANETS ACADEMY does not allow unplanned visits by those who are not the mother, grandmother, legal guardians, or authorized pick up who have been previously placed on your authorization list. We thank you for understanding the security measures we put in place to maintain the children's safety at iPLANETS ACADEMY
You are welcome to Facebook message us or call, if there is no answer please leave a message and we will return the call as soon as we can. You can also stop by but please be mindful of our events, educational field trips, activities, etc. If your child is staying overnight then we do ask that you call in advance for safety reasons.
iPLANETS ACADEMY will not open our doors unless we have talked to you in advance. 

​Just remember that visitors have an impact on the child’s behavior and they may “act out of character” while you are here which means become clingy, get very excited, or be distracted. This is perfectly normal. Also, keep in mind, if your child is having separation problems, it might make it difficult for them when you leave.

You can reach us on most days until 9:00 PM by phone if you should need to have a quick 5-10 minutes discussion. If you need an in-depth conversation concerning your child then we can schedule it. You are welcome to leave a message on Facebook.


It is your responsibility to keep your “Authorization to Pick Up List” accurate and up-to-date. Please tell us in advance when someone else that you have authorized will be picking up your child either by phone or through Facebook Messenger.



​The parent, guardian, or a person authorized by the parent or guardian must use and sign his/her full signature and include the arrival or departure time when signing the child in or out.

​We have to assume that both parents have the right to pick up your child unless you give us a copy of a court order stating otherwise. Without a copy of the court order, we cannot refuse a parent. If we have a court order and a non-custodial parent tries to pick up the child; we will immediately call the custodial parent. If the non-custodial parent leaves with the child; we will immediately call the police and report the situation. 

We will not place the other children at risk by getting into a confrontation with any parent, family member, or guardians. Please take the time to discuss the guidelines with all non-custodial parents and guardians to avoid any issues arising. Unfortunately, their non-compliance in any of these situations will lead to immediate termination. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN, NO EXCEPTIONS!



We have owned child cares since 1994. Being former military, I have owned child cares in 5 states. ​Working with children has always been my passion and life long dream. I am a patient, loving, energetic, dependable mom who will help be the support system you need and act as a bridge between the families and the child(ren)

I am CPR/FIRST AID CERTIFIED, have an EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION IN CHILD CARE & CHILD DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE for preschool children. I have over 260 hours of additional child care training INCLUDING 14 within the last year. As a little girl, I played school where I was the teacher and later went on to teach Head Start and Kindergarten in the public school system, youth and a teen teacher in our church as well as working with troubled and mentally challenged teens throughout the years.

I am the upper-middle sister of 7 children & have spent the majority of my life nurturing, caring & teaching other children or senior citizens. Actually, I do not remember a time when I was not caring for children. 

​I feel incredibly blessed to be able to be home with my own son and give a nurturing, safe, loving, and Fun while Learning environment built on equity, integrity, and respect. We create high quality early learning experiences for all the children in our care.  It is a Play, Project, and Problem-based environment where each child will learn how to love GOD, self, family, friends, their community, and the world around them. 


​We aim to establish mutually respectful and supportive relationships with families to build a village of learning as well as fun for all the children who cross our paths. The first step is for families to visit our website to get a feel for what we believe and liking our Facebook website GO HERE.

The next step is to submit interest in meeting Mrs. Mimi through Facebook Messenger and befriending her by


All parents and guardians are required to have a background check and submit a copy to us. They are also required to become CPR certified and submit a copy of their certificate. All children must be immunized and we need a current copy of that to put on file. They must remain up to date on all their shots. 

Once those initial steps are completed you can at that time decide to fill out the information packet by GO HERE and schedule their Assessment. 

 For your convenience, our information packets can be accessed online on our website, printed out, and filled out. You can then bring that packet when you enroll your child to help speed up the process.

All paperwork must be completely filled out BEFORE any child will be allowed to enroll. Once we have the whole packet completely filled out and have all the necessary documentation and have had the opportunity to discuss your child's specialized needs we can set up a tour. Most tours are done in the Evening after the end of our day so every parent can get the necessary time to ask questions. 

If you decide to enroll then we will collect the necessary tuition and fees which can be seen by GO HERE

We reserve the right to give priority access to children who are currently enrolled and to children who help us maintain our balance.


Learning how to get along with other children takes time and lots of practice. Positive guidance is the key, and we work with children teaching them acceptable behaviors and simple guidelines to help them learn how to regulate their emotions and responses to others.


We work with families to support the development of their children’s social skills, focus our teaching on supporting children to become truly independent and socially competent, and we allow our Autism children to have the space they need if that need arises. No child shall be forced to participate or interact with others.


Our positive guidance philosophy includes a problem-solving approach. Our goal is that children learn how to work out conflict in a socially acceptable and peaceful manner. Our children are learning how to communicate through dialogue and are also still impulsive by nature. All socially inappropriate behaviors are redirected, and desired behaviors are modeled.


iPLANETS ACADEMY uses natural and logical consequences to assist children in learning self-control. We promote 'peaceful moments' in which a child may take a break from the current activity and sit down to regroup in a designated quiet area with adult support nearby.


Ongoing aggressive behaviors are looked at on an individual and situational basis. It is our priority to maintain a safe environment for all children. Action plans, including formal referrals and family meetings, are often part of these action plans.



We actively encourage families to provide feedback about their experiences with iPLANETS ACADEMY at any time. We strive to manage all problems, issues, or disputes fairly and promptly and are resolved as close as possible to the source of the problem. Families can raise concerns by sending a message through our Facebook Messenger.

Please allow up to 48 hours for your issue to be read, processed, and an attempt at resolving the issue.  Understand we have a strict policy against anyone using derogatory or inflammatory language, opinions, or views or comments of any kind whether verbal, written, electronically, etc. on any social media, to other families, our communities, or humans of any kind, etc. This can and will most certainly lead to immediate termination. iPLANETS ACADEMY handles all concerns in-house in order to protect our reputation in the communities we serve and to satisfy all the parents we serve. We will not go against any policy to satisfy any parent or guardian's personal desires, wants or needs, etc. This is to remain fair and consistent and protect all families as well as iPLANETS ACADEMY. So please read all policies and procedures often and ensure before signing all documents that you understand fully what we are both agreeing to. All families can be assured that we will at all times respect the privacy of the family when addressing any concern or grievance. We have a very simple motto, “ If you have a problem tell us so we can address it and resolve it. If you are pleased with the level of service we give then please tell and share with everyone you meet.” We desire to please each and everyone in a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere.


Our curriculum is designed to follow your child’s development individually.  He/she is introduced to projects as they master previous skills.  The projects are self-correcting and offer internal confidence building.  Once mastered, the next project is presented.  This leads to a natural talent for goal setting and achieving.  There are no “rote memory” activities, once a child has mastered a concept, they truly have learned it.  Learning in a hands-on, play, project, and problem-based S.T.R.E.A.M.S.(STEM) inspired environment develops far superior critical thinking skills at an early age.


Yes, homework provides our children with the opportunity to apply and extend the information they have learned, to complete unfinished class assignments, and develop independence. The actual time required to complete 

their assignments will vary according to their study habits, academic skills, and course load.

We desire that each child be successful in their pursuit of learning. Therefore, we take homework very seriously. We expect all homework to be completed and turned in on time. Lack of participation can lead to termination of their enrollment.  Their will be no refunds given. If your child is having a difficult time with the material presented in any class; please act immediately and contact us for assistance. Once again, it is our heart’s desire that your child succeed in their education.

  • PRIMARY and LOWER classes will be assigned weekly homework. We encourage parents to read with their children on a nightly basis as well as review assignments and provide immediate feedback. All parents will need to sign off on their work. 

  • By the time your child is enrolled in our UPPER classes, he or she should be an “independent learner”. Therefore, our expectations are rather simple. They are to complete their homework assignments on time and submit their completed work. UPPER classes provide a combination of nightly homework and long-term projects.  The children will record assignments.  The children are also encouraged to read nightly, and parents are encouraged to spot-check their work.

We believes that a successful homework policy includes the teacher, student, parent triad of learning.

Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Assign purposeful homework at the appropriate level of difficulty.

  • Clearly communicate routines, directions, and expectations.

  • Continually communicate daily assignments and projects.

  • Continually monitor homework and provide feedback.

Their Responsibilities:

  • Work with your parents to find a quiet place to do your homework.

  • Create a schedule for when you will do your homework (think about all other after school activities that you will have to work around).

  • Independently, complete homework to the best of your ability.  Ask questions if needed.

  • Tell parents and/or teacher if your homework is too hard or you don't understand something. 

  • Make sure you have the materials you need to complete your homework when you leave school.

  • Make sure you have the materials you need for the school day when you leave home in the morning.

  • Aim High- show effective effort and attempt challenges. 

  • Be Flexible- try first and persevere even if it’s hard

Parent Responsibilities:

  • Work with your child to find a quiet, consistent place to do their homework.

  • Create a schedule for when your child will do their homework (think about all other after school and family activities that you will have to work around).

  • Encourage your child to complete their homework independently.  If your child is consistently spending too much time or is having difficulty understanding assignments, please contact the teacher.

  • When it is time to go to bed, please stop your child even if he or she has not completed their homework. 

  • If your child is absent from school, missed homework assignments are due the day after his or her first full day back at school.

  • Homework will be corrected but not graded and given back to them. Parents will receive feedback if students are not completing the homework or doing it incorrectly.



iPLANETS ACADEMY is arranged so that children can engage in a series of structured and unstructured activities as well as link both social/emotional competence and early academic learning. Here we encourage inquiry and wondering by guiding the exploration of the natural world and using found materials for play and creative arts. We expose them to new spaces, materials, and the concept that different environments can hold different expectations. We encourage our children to take risks, explore beyond what they believed was possible, fearlessly engage in the unknown, and discover something new about the world and themselves. 

Although children follow predictable patterns of development, the rate, pace, and actual manifestation of any skill are unique to all children. Individual differences such as personality, temperament, learning style, native language, special needs, and family culture are embraced. Here at iPLANETS ACADEMY we spend time getting to know each and every child and create developmentally appropriate goals for them as a whole, and tailor learning opportunities for them individually. This results in a rich curriculum and classroom environment.

Our curriculum is broken into three parts; academic, enrichment, and character development. This is where we strive to not only create lifelong learners but also to develop each child physically, mentally, and spiritually. In order to achieve this, we use a combination of curricula that meet our DICE guidelines and standards when preparing weekly lesson plans.

DICE stands for:

  • D-Discovery

  • I-Intelligences (All 9)

  • C-Cognitive

  • E-Exploration

We help our children to build on skills such as positive social interactions, problem-solving, science, technology, math, literacy, creative arts, geography, Social Sciences, and music, etc. 

We have a large library of resources used to reach each child to inspire learning, and we continue to search for more ways to teach our children all the time. Working at each child's own pace to ensure they understand and grasp the educational concepts being taught. 


In Virginia, parents must ensure that a child attends school in compliance with the state compulsory attendance law as specified in § 22.1-254  of the Code of Virginia when the child has reached his 5th birthday on or before September 30 of any school year and has not passed his 18th birthday. The compulsory attendance law requires that a child subject to that law attend a private or public school or receive an education through one of the other Code alternatives to school attendance unless the child falls within one of the Code exceptions.  Home instruction or homeschooling is one alternative to school attendance and parents may home school “when the requirements of § 22.1-254.1 of the Code have been satisfied.” 

According to §22.1-254.1 (A), a parent must submit a Notice of Intent (shown below) or personal letter to the division superintendent by August 15 each year he provides home instruction.

Notice of Intent

You should request a “Return Receipt” service so you will have proof they have received it. It is not necessary to deliver the form in person unless you file close to the August 15 deadline. Ask for a receipt if you hand-deliver the NOI.

PLEASE NOTE: Virginia is not a “permission” state. The law requires you to notify the division superintendent or his designee that you intend to teach your child at home–you are not asking permission. You may begin after you file the NOI. A Notice of Intent or letter indicates how you have complied with the law. You may or may not receive a letter of acknowledgement from the superintendent.

If a superintendent goes beyond the requirements of the law, such as insisting on birth dates or social security numbers, you are not obligated to supply this information. If he insists on calling for more than the law requires, ask him to put his request in writing. This will document his request for future reference.

If you are unable to resolve the division superintendent’s request or decision, you may make an appeal to an independent hearing officer within thirty days. You must inform your superintendent that you request an appeal. An independent hearing officer will be chosen to hear both sides of the disagreement according to §22.1-254.1(E).

First, you must indicate on the NOI form or by letter that you have met one of four options given in §22.1-254.1 (A). The law states that a parent may homeschool if he has a high school diploma, or is a certified teacher, or provides a program of study or curriculum which may be delivered through a correspondence course or distance learning program or in any other manner; or provides evidence that he is able to provide an adequate education for the child.

Second, you must provide proof that you have met one of the four options listed above by attaching appropriate verification.

  • Option (1), which requires you to hold a high school diploma, can be satisfied by attaching a copy of a high school diploma or higher degree from either parent. If you’re unable to locate your diploma, request a copy of your transcript from your high school or college and attach a copy of your request letter to the NOI form or your letter. Include a note stating you will supply the information as soon as it arrives.

  • Option (2) may be used if you area certified tutor or teacher, and can be satisfied by attaching a certificate or letter of eligibility indicating current Virginia teacher certification.

  • Option (3) requires you to use a program of study or curriculum through a correspondence course or distance learning program and can be satisfied by including evidence of enrollment, such as a receipt for payment, letter of acceptance, or enrollment contract; or for an individualized curriculum, a list of courses to be studied for the coming year.

  • Option (4) requires that you provide evidence that you are able to provide an adequate education for your child, and can be satisfied by a well-written letter indicating why you are able to homeschool your child. You might briefly state that because you are the parent, you know your child best and you are able to determine his academic needs. You might also say you plan to exercise diligence in teaching your child and will be using a well-planned curriculum that will include the following subjects, and list the subjects that will be taught. Although the superintendent cannot judge your reasons, he will consider whether your statement exhibits a mastery of language, including basic grammar, and spelling.

Third, parents who comply with the homeschool statute are required to submit a description of the curriculum with the Notice of Intent. The description is limited to a list of subjects to be studied during the coming year for each child.  Examples of subjects could include math, algebra, geometry, history, world history, American history, handwriting, science, biology, physics, language arts, grammar, composition, British literature, music, art, rhetoric, Latin, foreign language, macroeconomics, etc.

Send your Notice of Intent to your local division superintendent. You can find a list of addresses GO HERE. If the superintendent has delegated this responsibility to an assistant, and you know the name of this person, you may send your NOI to the Office of the Superintendent in the care of his assistant.

The division superintendent must be notified no later than August 15 of each school year. Parents who move into a school division after August 15, or who begin homeschooling after the school year has begun, should notify the superintendent of their intent to homeschool as soon as possible and comply with the statute within thirty days of notification (§22.1-254.1 (B). Refer to “Beginning Home Education after the Deadline” to understand what you might expect in these special situations.

If you have met the requirements of religious exemption, you do NOT file a yearly Notice of Intent. Parents who have sincere religious convictions against sending their children to school may choose to comply with §22.1-254 (B)(1), which states: “A school board shall excuse from attendance at school any pupil who, together with his parents, by reason of bona fide religious training or belief is conscientiously opposed to attendance at school. For purposes of this subdivision, “bona fide religious training or belief” does not include essentially political, sociological or philosophical views or a merely personal moral code…” In addition, §22.1-254(H)(5) states that children who are excused under the religious exemption are excused from all provisions of the compulsory attendance law, including the homeschool requirements listed in §22.1-254.1. The Notice of Intent–which is not for those homeschooling under religious exemption–shows how you have complied with the homeschool statute §22.1-254.1. Under this statute, you must provide yearly evidence of compliance (options I, ii, iii, or iv), a description of your curriculum, and an end-of-the-year assessment. With the religious exemption, you have complied with a different section of the Virginia Code §22.1-254 (B)(1), and you are not under these requirements. NOTE: For more information on the religious exemption, see the Virginia Homeschool Manual, or view the religious exemption page.



Naps and Rest times are important to ensure they have the energy they need to participate fully in their early learning program. If your child does not want to rest that is fine, but they must remain on their cot or mattress for the duration of the nap and rest period. They must remain quiet so as not to disturb the other children who are resting. No child shall ever be restrained but every child shall be required to adhere to this policy. Please be mindful of our Nap and Rest times when your children are at home. It makes it very difficult and frustrating for your child to adhere to this policy if you are giving them naps right before they come here.


We combine age groups for several reasons. Our combined class gives our older children an opportunity to be mentors which helps them become natural leaders helping them to develop empathy, self-esteem, and self-confidence. As their leadership skills develop, they will also learn enthusiasm for the learning process which they can use to adapt to any situation throughout their lives. Helping to facilitate the younger child’s learning by becoming good role models. The younger children naturally look up to older children and therefore are more inclined to learn from them. They are less shy with older children than they are with adults and more apt to imitate appropriate behavior. When a younger child sees a work he/she is interested in, they have also watched the progression needed to be able to understand and handle the work.  

Our overall ultimate goal is to lay the groundwork for all of our children to become responsible, self-directed learners, self-disciplined, critical, and creative thinkers.   


This is not required for Elementary School. Although our classes meet accreditation requirements

we are not currently accredited. 



During the Summer Months our learning schedule changes. You are also required to pay an enrollment fee and Supply Fee. The new schedule is from June 1, 2021-July 31, 2021. 


New Schedules are:


6:00 AM - 8:00 PM


The arrival time is 5:45 AM. Pickup time is 7:45 PM unless otherwise stated. 



Summer Learning Enrollment  opens on March 12, 2021. All Enrollment fees must be paid no later than May 23, 2021. Enrollment in our Summer Learning is limited and not all children are accepted into the program. It is open to those who are 6 years old to 10 years old to apply. 


You will receive an automated confirmation through email. Please save this email. Additional details will be given to you through our Facebook Messenger.


If you do not receive an initial confirmation within 24 hours  please check your spam/junk folder. You may also contact us through Facebook Messenger, so we can resolve the matter.


We will ask for your child’s health history and special accommodations in the registration forms. We may contact you if we need additional information. If we are unable to meet your needs we will send you a message on Facebook Messenger to let you know otherwise,  enrollment will continue as normal. 


Please make sure to notate this on your "About Me" form. Please check the menus to ensure your child is not allergic to any foods we serve. 

We are not accredited to service children with disabilities or those who need life threatening 

medications ( such as asthma meds, autistic meds, or diabetes meds, etc.) since we do not have a nurse on-site to administer it. 

Over the counter Medication or those prescribed must NOT be expired. Medication will NOT be kept past your child last day. Any medication not picked by the last day they are enrolled will be destroyed.

GO HERE  for more instructions and guidelines related to dealing with Food Allergies. 


Itineraries will be posted for events scheduled. Please be mindful of events we will be attending and assess whether your child(ren) is willing and able to enjoy and participate fully in all activities scheduled. In some instances, a child may not be accepted in an attempt for us to maintain balance in terms of gender, age, height, (Must be at least 48' tall to enroll), and grade. 


Meals are not part of the program. Children are able to purchase their meals by GO HERE.

Our overnight Educational Field Trip children will be offered 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. Everyone else gets 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. Please make sure to purchase them the proper daily amount. 


iPLANETS ACADEMY does not give any refunds at all, NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you opted to do a payment plan option but fail to pay all fees by the deadline for all fees to be paid, all monies paid and space will be forfeited. Our spots are limited and many events are paid for far in advance to take advantage of savings and guarantee a spot. We are also unable to offer refunds due to inclement weather, or circumstances out of our control. So please make sure you want to enroll before making any payments because once any money is paid it is nonrefundable. 


We have a strict no refund policy.


When you register, you will be asked to pay a registration fee and tuition. These fees are non-refundable. 
Tuition payments lost due to withdrawal or absence from a program may not be transferred or applied to a future program. If your
child(ren) has to go home early due to behavior, illness, an act of GOD. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN, NO EXCEPTION.



We do attend water parks, enjoy water slides, and low entry aquatic centers where they have lifeguards on duty and splash pads. We also may take them into a wave pool with strict guidelines on how far they can venture as well as enjoy lazy pools. Please discuss water safety with your child. We do not allow our children to be in more than 3 1/2 FT of water at any time and all the children must be at least 48" in order to enroll because the activities we participate in requires it. Some slides will be restricted due to height. Some slides will be restricted due to height. All children must be able to dress/undress themselves in their swimming attire. For more information on what is acceptable GO HERE. They will be supervised but must be mature enough to attend water events. This means they must be able to stand in a line alone and mount the stairs alone that leads to the slides. Must be able to patiently wait alone for their turn to come down the slides. They must be able to ride the water slides alone and follow all safety guidelines when doing so. There will be an adult at the bottom waiting on them to come down. 

All parents must have on file a Swim and Aquatic Waiver and Permission Form in order for your child to attend any water activities. That form can be found GO HERE

Please read over our sun safety guidelines by GO HERE.



We have a "2 Bites Rule" which means each child shall be encouraged to sample and at least taste 2 bites before they can say they do not like a particular food. This is to help to broaden their palette.

The food that will be served at iPLANETS ACADEMY is not for taste but always to ensure they get their proper nutrients and meet daily requirements. A balanced meal is for their personal growth, health, overall development and to help them keep up with our vigorous physical schedules.

But no child will be forced to eat nor will the food be withheld as punishment at any time.

We do not offer alternative meals or snacks because this only encourages them to not try new foods. We also do not allow children to bring any food or snacks from home unless it is for all the children. We only allow store-bought sealed food items when donating food for all the children. 



Family involvement enhances children’s well-being, learning, and development, so families are welcome at iPLANETS ACADEMY at all times. We encourage families to provide input into learning programs, to spend time with their children, to contribute their skills and resources, and to be involved as much or as little as they wish. We also require parents, guardians, or authorized people to volunteer for two hours every 28th day working alongside the children. 




While we offer top-notch programs, we may not be the best program or have the right support in place for all children, especially those requiring special medical, behavioral, or social support.

Although we wish we could accept all children there are some restrictions:

This property is privately owned by someone else. This limits the necessary changes that would need to be made to the existing structure in order for certain children to comfortably maneuver. We do not have the additional staff needed, a handicap ramp, handicap bathrooms, or ADA compliant indoor facility for wheelchair-bound children. Because of that, it is just not feasible at this time for children who are wheelchair-bound to enroll.

We cannot currently accommodate children who use a comfort pet or eye seeing pets as there are no pets allowed on this property.

In order to comply with Virginia Laws we also can not enroll any children who has a disability because we are not accredited to. You can read the full law and see if your children falls within that category by reading the "Regulations Governing the Operation of Private Schools for Students with Disabilities" by GO HERE

Please contact us with questions about whether iPLANETS ACADEMY offers the right experience and support for your child.



If you are unable to collect your child, please contact us to let us know who will be collecting your child. This person must be an authorized nominee as specified on your child's pickup authorization form and MUST show us a valid photo ID. We encourage all families to ensure these contact details and arrangements are kept up-to-date.

In extreme circumstances where we are unable to contact one of your authorized nominees by closing time, we will contact the necessary authorities for the safe collection of your child. This is why it is important that your contact details and those of your authorized nominees are kept up-to-date at all times.


We accept CASH ONLY.


Our space is very limited and popular, therefore we do not offer discounts at this time other than enrolling during early enrollment. 


Our Tax ID number is 83-3123169. Many people need this for their financial records.


If your child is going to be absent at any time, please contact us and make us aware. Each child is given 4 sick days and 2 personal days per session.  These days are reflected as a credit on your tuition. Let us know at that time if you will be using any of your time off days. 

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