One of the best ways to prepare your child for our Educational Field Trips is to talk about what to expect, and to involve them in the process of getting ready.  Pack for their Educational Field Trips with your child, (not for them) so they know what has been packed and where to find it. Mark all clothing and belongings with their name. Place their name on the outside of their Active Sling Back and Bookbag. We will not be responsible for lost or damaged clothing or belongings.

Bring enough clothing to last a week. Laundry is done only for those who pay for laundry service.  We will be using Gain Washing Powder on Cold Setting and drying their clothes. All others will be sent home with their dirty clothes tied up in a trash bag.

If they wear glasses, send a backup pair if you have them. 



Do Not Bring

  • Cell phones

  • Wi-Fi devices

  • Money will need to be added to their accounts and will be deducted as needed. No one is to carry money on them.

  • No food, drink mix, candy or gum allowed. Water is the ONLY food item allowed. 

  • Radios

  • Electronic devices of any kind

  • Skateboards

  • Rollerblades

  • Valuables

  • Knives or anything that can be used for a weapon. 

  • Please think about any nice clothing or shoes you pack – they can be worn pretty hard, and often do not look the same at the end of the session.

  • Cell phones and Wi-Fi devices will be confiscated and donated to an area family services organization. Children will be dismissed immediately if they are found to be in possession of a cell phone.


Homesickness is a normal part of being away on our Educational Field Trips. Most experience homesick feelings the first few days until they learn the routine and feel comfortable and then it lessens as the session moves forward and they adjust. 


There are several things you can do to help your child avoid homesickness:

Prepare letter writing materials with them so they know where their materials are, and how to write a letter home.

Provide some practice time away from home: Going away for one  week is a long time for a child who has never been away from home without a parent. Provide opportunities for your child to be away from home for one or two nights with friends or relatives without either of you calling to check in.  Remember, you will not be communicating with your child by phone. Make sure your child understands this and is okay with it. The more opportunities your child has to be away from home, the easier it becomes for both of you.

Talk with your child about homesickness: Prepare them for homesick feelings by explaining that these are normal feelings that everyone experiences and that homesick feelings go away as they become familiar and

participate in activities. Share stories of your first time away from home and how you felt.  Show your confidence in their ability to have a positive experience.

Don’t make deals for early pick-ups or phone calls: If you find yourself doing this, it is a strong indication that you or your child is not ready for Educational Field Trips away from home.  

Have confidence in our ability to take care of your child: It is essential that you feel comfortable with your decision to send your child with us. Your child will sense your confidence and this will help them feel comfortable. Rest assured they are important to us and we will work hard to make sure they enjoy their experience. We will contact you if your child is unhappy, and will work with you to find a solution.  We are always available for you by phone or Facebook Messenger if you have concerns about your child.

"There is a great man who makes every man feel small. But the real great man is the man who makes every man feel great."

~G.K. Chesterton



iPLANETS ACADEMY respects the idea that not all Overnight Educational Field Trips are for all children. In spite of all the fun, it can be a little scary being away from home. It is possible it may not be the right fit for your child, so if you are having doubts, please include us in the conversation.

Here are some clear indicators that they are ready to successfully enjoy Overnight Educational Field Trips:

  • Can ask for help when needed.

  • Can follow directions in a group setting.

  • They are comfortable being outdoors in nature.

  • They have been away from home overnight at least twice before without any contact with their family.

  • They can take a shower and brush their teeth by themselves.

  • They can keep track of their personal belongings.

  • They are good at using their camp equipment (i.e., water bottle, mess kit, sunscreen, etc.)

  • They can have effective interactions in group-based activities

  • Are able to meet their own personal needs (eg: able to walk distances, participate in their self-care, use the bathroom independently, advocate for themselves…)

  • They are able to have and live and cooperate in a close, community-based environment.


We expect all our children to behave in a way that contributes positively to the community; the children pretty quickly learn that our guidelines help everyone have a fun and safe time. GO HERE for our guidelines.

We help all the children learn from mistakes and peacefully solve conflicts. Parents will be notified if a problem is developing with their child(ren) so we can work together to find a solution.

A child will immediately be dismissed and must be picked up within two hours if any campers does the following:

  • Harmful, disrespectful, unsafe or antisocial behavior

  • Physical, sexual, or mental abuse, or bullying

  • Willful destruction of iPLANETS ACADEMY or someone else property 

  • Gross misconduct

  • Possession of cell phone or

      Wi-Fi devices​




Providing a fun, safe environment is our primary goal. We plan to be outdoors and we do run around all day long. Bumps, scrapes, and bug bites happen. We do our best to minimize accidents and injuries by maintaining our premises and by teaching and following established safety guidelines. All the children are taught about some of our natural hazards, including scorpions, snakes, and insects, and are instructed what to do.  They are encouraged to put on sunblock a minimum of twice a day. Please instruct your child in how to use sunblock and insect repellent; and be sure to pack these items (please no aerosol cans). 

With active, outdoor activities and communal living, they sometimes become injured or sick. In this case we shall separate them and you will be called to pick them up within two hours. Unfortunately, no refunds will be given if this should happen. If there is a serious injury or illness iPLANETS ACADEMY will provide first aid and symptom relief as best we can. Please understand that we are not a doctor’s office. We will do our best to contact a parent or guardian at the emergency numbers provided on the health form in a timely fashion but our first priority will be to transport them to a nearby hospital or medical clinic to ensure they are okay. We will act in the best interest of your child until you can arrive or provide instruction over the phone. We will expect you or your emergency contact to meet us at the hospital within a hour to pick up your child and collect their personal belongings when we are able to give them to you.

No one will be allowed to return until they have been home and symptom free for at least 72 hours and have received a clearance form detailing instructions from a Doctor ONLY


Here are just SOME examples of conditions for which we would expect a child to be picked up:

  • Fever over 101.5°

  • Unable to participate in activities for a full day due to sickness or injury

  • In need of specialized care or to visit a specialist

  • Any contagious or infectious condition

  • Illness or sickness that is making the camper’s experience miserable or causing him/her distress

  • Lice or bed bugs

  • Bedwetting


You are expected to check your child(ren) for head lice and his/her belongings for bed bugs. No child shall be admitted if they have scabies or lice. There will be no refunds in this case. We also need to know if your child has been sick within the last 24 hours or has been in contact with any communicable diseases.


All medications must be given to us upon check-in.  No medication is to be left with a camper. If your child has an inhaler or epi-pen that they are accustomed to carrying with them, please contact

iPLANETS ACADEMY prior to coming to camp. 


All prescriptions must come in the original container with the child’s name, drug name, and instructions. If you no longer have the original box or bottle, your pharmacy will reprint the slip for you.

It is our policy not to deviate from the listed instructions of the prescriber, this includes dosage, timing, etc.  While we agree that kids are sometimes able to monitor their own healthcare needs, we will not follow instructions such as: “She knows when she needs her medicine and how much to take.” if it conflicts with the instructions from the prescriber.

Our infirmary supplies over-the-counter medicine for headaches, stomach aches, allergies, etc. If your child takes a daily antihistamine please bring a supply for your child’s session to Check-In, in the original packaging.   Please double-check that all allergies are listed on the health form.

We do our best to accommodate our campers’ medication needs but we generally have a set medication administration time.  They are before each meal and at bedtime.  GO HERE to see our scheduled meal times.  


Make sure you go over your child’s medication schedule with us and them prior to coming with us, it will make their experience that much easier.  Please contact

iPLANETS ACADEMY prior to go over special medication considerations before coming to and only send medically necessary medications with them.

Your participation agreement includes a release to allow us to communicate health care information to you via Facebook Messenger, E-Mail, Text and Voicemail.  This policy is in place to allow more efficient communication between busy parents, and iPLANETS ACADEMY


Medical bills for doctor visits, emergency hospital care, and prescriptions for routine treatments are the responsibility of each family.  All families must have an insurance card on file before dropping off their child(ren). It is the responsibility of each family to seek reimbursement from their private insurer.


You are required to return the Health History Form 48 Hours before we are scheduled to leave so it can be reviewed before we leave. There is a $28 late fee for health forms received late.  We will not assume care of your child  without this and adequate time before-hand to review his or her health history in such cases there will be NO REFUNDS GIVEN, NO EXCEPTIONS!

iPLANETS ACADEMY requires all  children to be immunized who are going along with us. 



"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. "

~Martin Luther King, Aug 28, 1963

If your child uses sunscreen then parents and/or guardians are required to fill out a sunscreen authorization that gives their child permission to apply sunscreen. Sunscreen must be applied at least 2 times previously to ensure they are not allergic to it before bringing. 

​On sunny days parents need to apply sunscreen to each of your children before leaving your home to come to school.  Parents are to provide sunscreen within a ziplock bag to be kept in their cubbies for daily use. It needs to be one that doesn’t irritate their eyes with at least SPF 30 or higher and labeled with your child’s name on it.

Please check daily to make sure they have enough because we do not provide or use any sunscreen other than what you send for your child. ​Each child needs to have it applied to his/her face, torso (stomach and back), legs, arms, scalp (especially when the child has short hair), feet, ears, necks, tops of hands, etc. We also encourage extra clothing (hats, sunglasses, swim shirts, etc).

To make certain your child is suitably protected from the sun, please provide them with the following items: A sun–safe hat that protects your child’s face, neck, and ears. A legionnaire, broad-brimmed, or bucket hat is suitable. Baseball caps do not have broad brims or cover your child’s neck so they do not provide sufficient protection and would not be a suitable hat for outdoor play. Protective clothing that covers as much of your child’s skin as possible.

If your child has known skin allergies to certain sunscreens, we ask you to provide a suitable alternative to ensure they are comfortable and that you have peace of mind.

We DO NOT apply sunscreen on your child at all. NO EXCEPTIONS!

How to do CPR after a child nearly drowns
iPlanets Academy-Where to apply Sunscreen
iPlanets Academy SPF information

You agree to release iPLANETS ACADEMY from any liability from sunscreen or the lack of sunscreen application. This form must be filled out for all those wanting to use sunscreen GO HERE​​

If you are using a sunscreen apply that first then put on the insect repellent.  Children may have insect repellent applied sparingly to the back of their necks, legs, and arms.

But don't apply it here: ​Avoid the hands so that repellent does not get rubbed in children’s eyes. Don't put it near the mouth, eye areas, or nose. Only use a small amount around the ears, do not apply to any irritated areas or scraped skin.

Children can re-apply it to themselves if you have signed and given them permission to do so


In the event of an insect bite we will follow the following guidelines and information by Nemours KidsHealth:



iPlanets Academy-Who's more likely to drown?
iPlanets Academy-Drowning Information

ANY child showing evidence of any communicable skin disease, sore or inflamed eyes, cold, nasal or ear discharge, sunburn, blisters, cuts, bandages, or any other communicable disease shall not be able to attend or go on any swim or aquatic activities, no exceptions until 72 hours have passed and they have completely healed. A doctor's note may be required. 

Please understand that a volunteer may act in a direct supervisory capacity for swimming and or aquatic activities. They are not allowed to enter the restroom with any child. No child is to ignore warnings from staff, volunteers, lifeguards, etc. 

Please walk at all times.

There is to be no running, roughhousing, foul play, or unsafe behavior. Extended periods of holding their breath or hyperventilating are not allowed. Anyone breaking these rules may lead to your child being suspended from some or all swimming and or aquatic field trips or termination of enrollment.


Goggles and earplugs for children with eye or ear sensitivities are acceptable.

There are free lifejackets at all the water parks and the aquatic centers we use. But you are welcome to provide a U.S.Coast Guard Approved Life Vest or Jacket appropriate for their age and weight.  No other flotation devices may be used.​

iPlanets Academy-How to properly fit a life jacket

​All children with shoulder-length hair or longer must wear a swim cap or their hair must be confined in such a way that it can not catch onto something. It also must be out of their eyes so they can see clearly as well as off their ears so they can hear clearly.

The children must be able to dress/undress themselves when changing into swimwear for all water activities. Girls are allowed to wear one piece and Takini swimsuits ONLY. No child is allowed to wear bikinis or thongs. 


Swimsuits with flotation inserts must be U.S.Coast Guard approved.




Boys are allowed to wear board or swim trunks. No bikini swimwear, jeans, street clothes, cut-offs, or other shorts allowed. They must have on a swim shirt to help protect their skin at all times. 


They will need a beach towel, our Water Bottle, and our Active Sling Bag to carry their items in. No personal items allowed in the water including floatation devices.

Crocs may be worn for Water Educational Field Trips ONLY. It must have a strap for our PRIMARY to prevent slipping off. This is for the safety of the children. Our LOWER and UPPER may wear regular crocs. But all ages MUST have a pair of SOLID BLACK ONLY tennis or leather-soled shoes on-hand to wear once we leave from water activities.

NO Bikinis or Tankinis with bare midriff allowed. 

ONLY properly fitting Takinis covering midriff and bottoms, or One-pieces allowed!

NO trunks without shirts

Everyone must either wear a long or short sleeved swim shirt with their Board or Trunks ONLY

The above dress code rules apply to all parents and guardians as well. 



The Moisture-Wicking Camp Tee below is what we wear for our water field trips. 

Boys wear theirs with denim blue jeans, denim blue jean shorts, or denim blue jean cargo shorts.

Girls wear theirs with denim blue jeans, denim blue jean capris, denim blue jean skirts/skorts, or denim blue jean shorts. Hair accessories shall be Black, Gold, or Dark Purple ONLY.


Both shall wear solid black tennis shoes or leather-soled shoes with solid black crew socks. 


Moisture-Wicking Camp Tee

iPlanets Academy 2021 Summer Camp Tee

All children must purchase and keep on hand our water bottle so the children can consume water daily. The children may not share water bottles. Empty bottles should on a regular basis be taken home for sanitized reuse. Water bottles may not contain flavored water or juice. 


Stainless Steel Water Bottle

All children must purchase and keep on hand our water bottle so the children can consume water daily


Insulated Lunch Bag

This is the ONLY lunch bag we allow. 

iPlanets Academy Lunch bag


Active Sling Bag

iPlanets Academy Active Sling Pack

“Above all, children need our unconditional love — whether they succeed or make mistakes; when life is easy and when life is tough.”

~Barack Obama, 2011


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