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Science is observing and experimenting,
making predictions, sharing discoveries, asking questions,
and wondering how things work.


Intelligence (all 9)

Play, Physical Fitness and Sports

Life Skills

Arts and Crafts

Nature, Science, and Research

Engineering and Robotics

Technology and Gaming

Sign Language and Spanish

Arithmetic, Business Math

and Entrepreneurship

Character Development and Charity

Animation, Drama, and Theater

Dance, Movement, and Music

English, Reading, and Writing

Manipulatives and Media

Your Community and Your World

At iPLANETS ACADEMY we use a progressive learning approach which seeks to involve all members of the community in learning. Our children are given a strong voice and stake in the learning process, from deciding how to show their understanding of a given topic, to helping shape the units of study themselves. We are guides and partners in the learning process and listen deeply and carefully to our children.


Learning is active and experiential and often integrates various subject matter as our children work towards greater understanding. All our children are encouraged to learn beyond our four walls. 

Progressive education values the heart along with the mind and because of this, time and space are given for social and emotional learning. Strong and respectful relationships between teachers and our children are built through regular community meetings, problem solving sessions, and shared learning experiences.


Our children learn to navigate relationships with peers, identify and manage their own emotions, and advocate for their needs. We see them as individuals and are highly valued as such. We differentiate instruction, taking into account development needs and their interests; to challenge each child, while providing scaffolding for their success.

Making connections and understanding our place in the world is central to our mission. By providing students with opportunities to be involved in learning and serving in their community from the very start, we allow them to see themselves as active participants in their world. We want our children to leave us with strong voices, minds and hearts.




At iPLANETS ACADEMY we offer a variety of curricula approaches to foster learning and encourage the development of a community of learners :


  • Love

  • Literacy

  • Progressive Learning

  • Project-Based

  • S.T.R.E.A.M.S.

  • Problem-Based

  • Inquiry-Based

  • and High Scope 


We also offer a strong Multi-Cultural History which includes African-American History, Native American History, Hispanic History, World History, American History, Mesozoic Era and, Medieval Times, etc. 

We will channel our children's 

natural curiosity and enthusiasm and encourage them to explore and create work that is real and meaningful. We work to boost their problem-solving skills and instill an excitement for learning to prepare children for their future academic endeavors and success. 

During this time in their development, children are yearning for independence and possess a maturity beyond their years. We realize this and work to create a stimulating and challenging environment that forms a strong cognitive base for higher learning. As the children begin to acquire more independence, they learn about making decisions for themselves as individuals and as part of a team.




To enroll at iPLANETS ACADEMY your child(ren) must be 4 years of age by September 1, 2021, to apply for our Preschool class. This class will cover the basics such as learning their ABC's, shapes, colors, numbers 1-20, writing their names, days of the week, months of the year, social skills, etc. They will follow the same themes as the other classes and it will offer them a variety of experiences that are both learning-oriented and fun at the same time. It ensures your child’s holistic growth, 

development, and fosters your child’s lifelong love for learning and enhancing important social skills they need to thrive in the future.


All children will take an assessment for this class in order to see where they are at developmentally and to determine if we can meet their needs educationally. There is an $8 fee to take this test. They must 

have an attention span to sit in a class setting for lessons that are 20-30 minutes at a time.


Must be able to verbally communicate their needs and be FULLY potty trained (No wearing pull-ups, need no assistance in the restroom, are able to dress unassisted and accident-free). Frequent accidents (whether medical or due to not being ready to potty train ) may lead to their enrollment being terminated because we do not have the additional staff or facility to accommodate and meet their needs. 


Our Accelerated Primary class is a combined Pre-K and Kindergarten class that allows children who are 4 years old by January 1, 2021, up to 6 years old to apply. The children in this class must be writing already, be mature enough to keep up with an extensive, rigorous, and fast-paced class with a varied curriculum as well as an attention span to do lessons for at least 30-45 minutes at a time. A part of their enrollment process will be to take an assessment beforehand to ensure they are ready for this type of class. There is an $8 fee to take this test.

Our Hybrid Homeschool offers a full range of S.T.R.E.A.M.S. inspired academics for our lower primary children who are in the 1st Grade to 5th Grade. Students can attend classes on Wednesdays while the parent does the rest of the learning in their own home.


Our Hybrid Homeschool offers a rich and challenging curriculum that honors each child's individual learning styles and strengths while meeting rigorous academic standards. Our curriculum cultivates independence, initiative, and respect for the environment; it also offers hands-on learning opportunities that both deepen and extend students’ academic knowledge.

We have created a caring, respectful learning environment in which all our children can thrive. All of our programs—whether in the classroom, or our educational field days in the community—foster cooperation, creative and critical thinking, and the development of personal and social responsibility. Our teaching philosophy centers on helping our children to develop the knowledge, skills, and habits of scholarship that are critical to success in life. Instruction stresses inquiry-based learning and higher-order thinking.


We engage the children in the ongoing exercises of grappling with essential questions that guide their units of study. Our children's acquisition of increasingly sophisticated skills and methods of approaching complex issues and projects is assessed regularly. 


The first step is you must submit a notarized affidavit of your intent to homeschool to the superintendent’s office of the child(ren) home county school district. GO HERE for some information on it. GO HERE to fill out and submit your request. 

We offer OVERNIGHTS care at iPlanets Academy
We offer OVERNIGHTS care at iPlanets Academy




Why do many of our parents choose iPLANETS ACADEMY for Overnight Child Care? Because we live in a different time when a growing number of parents have unconventional employment schedules or may need a safe place for their children to go while they take a much-needed night off or for emergency purposes where they may need to go out of town, etc.  

At iPLANETS ACADEMY, we help to remove the burden of trying to figure out who will look after your little ones by offering Overnight Child Care services in a safe home away from a home secure environment.

Our Overnight Care is for children from 4 years old to 10 Years old.  Other age groups may be accepted, just ask. 

iPLANETS ACADEMY provides high-quality Overnight Care whether it’s a one-time drop-in, weekly, or even a weekend need,  iPLANETS ACADEMY can accommodate your needs. Along with excellent care, all the children will have a delicious kid-friendly meal and or snack along with fun and educational activities.


At evening rest time, we grab blankets, enjoy story-time, and say their nighttime prayers before resting overnight in an assigned twin bed or on a crib mattress. You can have peace of mind knowing your child(ren) are in excellent hands while they are away from home.



We provide weekly off-site Educational Field Trips and learning events for your child(ren) to learn hands-on. These off-site educational field trips are to help them grasp concepts and enhance their learning experience. We believe that children learn best when they are actively engaged and concepts are presented in meaningful and creative ways. Our rich and unparalleled Educational Field Trips connects the classroom to the real world and teaches our children problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Small classes and a project approach to teaching create a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. Here, our children are not simply memorizing facts and taking tests; knowledge is absorbed through hands-on, experiential learning. It is also a great way for them to explore while having fun with their friends. 

GO HERE for more information on our upcoming field trips. 


It is important for children to have a safe and productive way to spend time After School.


Latch key kids can face many risks. They may worry, eat poorly, not be protected from pedophiles, watch too much television, or neglect their homework.


Fortunately, we have a great After-School program so your school-aged child from Kindergarten to 5th Grade (5 years old to 10 Years old) will have a place to go where they can interact with friends, learn, work on homework and relax. We also accept Preschool and Accelerated Primary children who are currently enrolled with us. The program is everything you ever wanted in a safe fun experience and more! 

We provide Summer Camp at iPlanets Academy


iPLANETS ACADEMY Summer Camps are a safe, fun, and stimulating program designed to enrich and strengthen your child's learning abilities to discover their hidden talents and spark their creativity. Outdoor play, adventure, hands-on experience in nature, creative activities that emphasize self-expression, crazy explorations, problem-solving, imagination, and mindfulness as a means of engaging with ourselves, each other, our planet, and the world around us!

We offer crafts, experiments, water park trips, sports, and LEGO® playtime. Our children will enjoy some of their favorite activities, from making slime to painting canvases, baking and decorating cupcakes, an obstacle course, an escape room, a scavenger hunt, and more! Parents can help to prevent the dreaded academic “Summer slide” through our inclusion of science experiments, strategy activities, and reading challenges. Before the Summer ends we will give your child the opportunity to build their confidence and spirit while making lasting meaningful friendships. 

Our Summer Camps are a full-day experience for children who are 6 to 10 years old. Those who were 

enrolled in our Accelerated Primary class may be considered. ​

Early Registration will open up on April 5, 2021-May 10, 2021 to enroll your child for a discounted rate and secure one of our limited but coveted spots. Regular Registration is from May 11, 2021-June 8, 2021. Summer Camp is scheduled for 10 weeks from June 12-Aug 21, 2021.

GO HERE for more information about our Summer Camp.

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